How does my sixth sense feels like?

June 13, 2018

Hey everyone, this is Spiritual Counselor Mia 〜!


People often ask how does sixth sense feels like?  I am sure everyone has the ability of sixth sense.  People who have opened their sixth sense from young age or any age all have different ways of sensing.  Seeing aura colors, guardian angels, spirits, etc. or just feeling of other person's personality, future, past, present life condition etc. are some of the characteristics of sixth sense. 


My sixth sense characteristics are: 

-  Feel other person's personality in person or through pictures. 

-  Feel handmade items energy or what feeling was embedded when making the items (example       violin, guitar, artwork, etc.) in person or through pictures.  

-  Knowing person's past, present, and future life condition.  

-  The "MRI Vision" sensing what area of your body lack blood circulation and what body parts in       trouble.  

-  Energy of all power stones and compatibility with each human beings.  

-  The energy of the room or open space.  


The list will go on and on : )!  


My sixth sense feels from my heart.  I receive feelings and messages coming from people.  It is like going inside their soul, investigating what's going on.  


As a Spiritual Counselor, my purpose is to guide people to bring their life condition to happier place giving hints on what needs to be changed in order to achieve your goals!  Feel free to contact me at for any questions or visit my home page to read reviews! 









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