Choosing Psychics in Hawaii〜!

Good morning everyone! This is Mia and Michael from Honulea Hawaii ~ 


There are a lot of psychic readers in Hawaii.  Everyone has different ability!  It is hard to choose where to go right?  Let's look in to ethics and behaviors first!  There are readers who only accept cash with or without receipts.  Some readers predict far future or scare people saying that you'll get into car accidents soon or near future.  Some readers give advice on how to earn most money in life.  The list goes on and on.  


When psychics do business using their 6th sense, accepting cash only with or without receipts is unethical.  It is unfair for other businesses who accept credit / debit cards with receipts.  Psychics who use their fame to collect only cash will lose their important part of their 6th sense, which will lead to giving inaccurate advice.  Generally, people who accept only cash think about tax evasion.  


Predicting far future or scaring people saying that you'll get into car accident is usually not true.  There are many many external influences and obstacles leading to your future.  Concentrating on negative outcomes like car accidents will affect your views in driving.  It may disturb your life giving fears when driving too.  


In life, money is not everything.  There are more unhappy people with a lot of money than people who have less money.  We will post more about this on our future blogs!   

Mia & Michael~



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