Peridot ~ Gift of the Hawaiian Volcanic Goddess

June 21, 2018

Pele is the goddess of the Hawaiian volcano.  In ancient Hawaiian chants, she was described as “She-who-shapes-the-sacred-land” and her temper was known to be both as abundant and dangerous as the lava.


Green peridot is a volcanic gem formed in the deep fires of the earth.  On Hawaii, it is treasured as the tears of Pele.  An entire beach in Oahu is formed of peridot sand, worn to powder by the ceaseless ocean.  Pele’s gift of peridot is thought by many to have great power to heal, and to bring wealth and growth.  Its beautiful green-gold color perfectly complements an Island tan, and sparkles just as brilliantly at night as in the sun.





Aloha ~ 


Michael : D 


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