What is psychic? ~

Hey everyone! This is Mia and Michael from Honulea Hawaii ~ 


People tend to ask what is psychic? What do they do? 


I believe that psychic is intuition.  They are not here to predict your future like a fortune teller.  It is extremely difficult to pin point your future because there are numerous external obstacles surrounding by it.  For example, if I say that you are going to be in a relationship within 6 months.  This will make you focus and believe on being in a relationship within 6 months.  What if it does not happen?  What if you met someone who is not compatible with you?  


We are here to give you guidance on how to acquire your desire relationship, jobs, and any concerns you have in life.  Some people might take more than one session depending how open their soul is.  I have to connect to one's soul and analyze their situation that is blocking one's desire obstacles or goals in life.  Make sure to come in with open soul!  There are people who say their soul is open but it is actually not.  Please be patient with me : )  I will try my best to give the best service ~  

Mia & Michael from Hawaii~







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